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It’s time to write online: here’s why

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There’s magic in the art of writing. It is an excellent way of exploring your creativity through words. Presently, people are becoming more outspoken about their feelings and experiences, thanks to the social media. The trend of writing is catching up among the online crowd. The popularity of blogs and digitalised content is a testament to that. You can find an unimaginable amount of poetry and quotes on Instagram, written by unpublished authors. This is undoubtedly a great time to explore the writer in you. It’s much easier to get published now, than it has ever been; even for those who just want to have the experience rather than a career in writing. All you have to do is, write your heart out.

If you want to test waters with your writing , online publishing is just the thing for you. Publishing online is less costly and less complicated than printing. It’s much faster process and provides greater flexibility to the writers. Although print is still as popular as always, Ebooks are also on the rise.

People prefer E-books because of the ease of access. E-books are eco-friendly and save a lot of paper. You can keep a whole library in your pocket and read even on your smartphone, making the best of your bus ride home. There is also a myriad of gadgets out there for the specific task of e-book reading. These devices make the experience as special as reading the printed version.

The Internet provides writers with many platforms to showcase their work. Amazon has been in online publishing for quite a while. Sites like lulu and Blurb lets people create and publish content, charging minimal to no fees.  We are seeing a lot of participation, and the content type is getting diverse as a result. Professionals may have an edge on the new age writers, but the writing arena is not just for the elite anymore. Anyone with a laptop and a willing heart can write and share it with the world. The canvas is as big as your imagination.

That being said, choosing between different online platforms to publish, is still a tough one. There are a lot of publishing resources that you can choose from. E-publisher is one such resource for writers. If you want help in online publishing, E-publisher can assist you through the whole process. You can contact them online and check out their website. They are client-oriented publishers, with more flexible services and easily affordable packages.

E-publishing has been providing online publishing solutions since 2010. They want to motivate budding writers and to promote reading among people.

So get started on your masterpiece. The world is waiting to read you!

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