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The ultimate Book Publishing

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When it comes to online book publishing, you would benefit from addressing a few key questions viz. the platform you wish to use for your eBook, the format, the design, cover and the other publicizing factors which come into the frame at a later stage. This guide will help answer those questions for you.

The realm of books knows no bounds, there has hardly been a time in the human history when this one human-activity would have found itself stagnating. From writing done on stones in runic texts to that done for centuries on paper, now it’s gone mainstream in electronic form through the medium of internet. The basics about book-writing stay pretty much the same, even though the platform might have seen a change; but still if you’re going to publish a book in an electronic format, you’ll need to watch out for trivial things such as the front and back cover, a fine and illustrative table of content and bibliography and refences. But still once you’re done getting the whole content together, and taken care of the proofreading and cover design facets, the real fun begins! Now you have to decide the format you’ll be publishing your eBook in; there are hardly many choices here, but the easiest and most reliable format of eBooks nowadays remains .pdf. Most phones are able to read from this format; plus your ever-so friendly browser Google Chrome is native to this format, i.e. it can open .pdf based files for you. So you must always publish your eBook in .pdf format given its popularity; this will ensur3 that vast number of audience are able to access it. There are obviously less popular formats such as Epub, MOBI, LIF, DOC, HTML etc. which you might have a look at but not as the primary format of your online book publishing.

Getting the Message Out!

One you’re done with your eBook designing you can concentrate on other crucial aspect i.e. publicizing it; head over to any of the popular online publishing landsaces; the most obvious being Amazon and use it as the lever to spread out the message of your book. If you’ve got your own website or blog you could use them as well for getting the message out about your book. There are publishers, who at the time weren’t well known resorted to giving away free copies of their eBooks, once they were able to build a substaintiable amount of audience base, moved on to commercialising through their online book publishing.

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